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Services offered by 468-TIME

Currently, 468-TIME only provides Time of Day.

However, Future plans are in the works to add Temperature and Weather to
this service, so stay tuned!

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Access Numbers:

(919) 468-8463

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Q: What do I need to access 468-TIME?

A: You can access 468-TIME from any telephone.

Q: What is the number to 468-TIME?

A: 468-TIME is the number. Just be sure to dial the area code 919.
the last four digits that spell the word TIME are 8463

Q: How much does 468-TIME cost?

A: It's free for you, however I do still have to pay the costs of providing
this service, so donations are greatly appreciated.

Q: I don't live in Cary, but I still want to use your service, is this okay?

A: Yes. You don't have to be a Cary resident to access 468-TIME,
however, you should check with your operator to determine if this will
be a local call for you. I will not reimburse any long-distance charges.

Q: How long has 468-TIME been around?

A: 468-TIME was started on December 6, 2013.

Q: I sometimes get a busy signal, is this normal?

A: Due to the cost of phonelines, I can't currently afford to add
additional lines to handle heavy call-volume. Enough donations
may change this and allow for additional lines and equipment.

Q: 468-TIME is not working, how can I report an outage?

A: you can report it by emailing 468time@furmannet.net or
via the 468-TIME Facebook page.

Q: Who are you?

A: 468-TIME is Cary, North Carolina's telephone time number.
I Matthew Furman am the operator of the line and I have been a
Cary resident since late-2007. You may read more about me
on my personal website www.furmannet.net

Q: Why did you create 468-TIME?

A: Because I am a telephone hobbyist and Cary did not have a
telephone time number, so I made one.

Q: Who is the voice on your telephone time line?

A: It's me! Matthew Furman, the operator of the line.

Q: Do you really sit there all day and say the time on every call?

A: Umm. No. It's a recording.

Q: Sometimes I call 468-TIME, but the time info is missing,
why does this happen?

A: It means I have temporarily lost my Internet connection.
My time equipment uses an Internet server to get it's info.
Try calling again in a few minutes and it should be working.
If this issue lasts for more than 10 minutes, contact me using the
email or Facebook link above. I do have a Dial-up account
I use when my broadband is not working. Thanks AOL!
You can check the equipment online status here.


This webpage was last updated on:
Sunday, November 16, 2014 at 04:25 PM

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Please help support 468-TIME with a donation. Phone lines are not cheap!
I will keep this service running for as long as I can possibly afford to do so.
Donations no matter how small are VERY HELPFUL!!!

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